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Rob Yenne

President of Peloton Technologies

About Us

Peloton Technologies, LLC is based in Wooster, Ohio. We specialize in optimizing valuable waste materials. We do not deconstruct waste so that it can simply be reconstructed into a morphed product, a process that often results in diminished quality.  Instead, we regenerate waste, giving it a new lease on life of equal or better quality. That's the difference between recycling and upcycling. 

Our process technologies are focused, innovative, and efficient and our premium products are grounded in world-class research with an eye toward providing only the highest quality ingredients for use in applications ranging from rubber and plastics and human and animal health, to health and beauty products and medical and dental treatments.


A prime example of what we do is regenerate byproducts created during liquid, powdered, and frozen egg production. The inherent natural amino acids-rich membrane and calcium carbonate found in these byproducts often ends up in over-burdened landfills or subject to other undesirable disposal methods. We view this waste as a valuable resource and believe in regenerating it, not rejecting it. Our proprietary technologies separate the organic lining from the mineral fraction of the protective eggshell and process it to meet your strictest specifications.


We have been part of the upcycling industry for over 25 years. We continue to expand and improve our practices every day so that we bring you the best and highest quality products, produced with the greatest degree of precision and expertise. 

The word "peloton" means fearless or brave in Finnish and group in French and Spanish. It's where the word platoon comes from. The name seemed a perfect fit for our company; a “dedicated group” focused on the mission of creating winning products and solutions.


Our proprietary processes and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) conform to guidelines and regulations of relevant agencies like the FDA and USDA.   


Peloton Technologies is led by Rob Yenne, President; and Franz Schmidt, COO.

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