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Rob Yenne

President of Peloton Technologies

About Us

Peloton Technologies, LLC is based in Wooster, Ohio.  We specialize in food waste solutions that regenerate and revalue what is often considered worthless.  We do not deconstruct and then reconstruct targeted waste into morphed "recycled" product, a process that often results in diminished quality.  We regenerate it, giving valuable waste a new lease on life of higher quality and greater functionality. 

Our carefully selected process technologies are innovative and honed for efficiency.  Our premium products are grounded in world-class research with an eye toward providing only the highest quality materials for specialized applications.


One prime example of what we do is regenerate industrial food byproducts created during the production of liquid, powdered, and frozen eggs products.  The inherent natural calcium carbonate and amino acid residuals often end up in over-burdened landfills or subject to other undesirable disposal methods.  We view these types of waste streams as valuable sustainable resources meant to be regenerated, not rejected. 


We have been part of the waste solutions industry for over 25 years and we never stop working to discover the potential to produce useful products of the highest quality from these materials. 

The word "peloton" means fearless or brave in Finnish and group in French and Spanish.  It is where the word platoon comes from. The name seemed a perfect fit for our company; a “dedicated group” razor focused and committed to a mission of providing solutions and producing winning products.


Our relevant products comply with cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines and regulations of agencies like the FDA and USDA.   

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