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Breaking into the future

Optimizing valuable reusable materials, Peloton Technologies' products are sourced from industrial food processing facilities and upcycled into highly valued ingredients used in industrial, commercial, and consumer products. Our bold regenerated ingredients have proven to outperform legacy materials and provide additional attributes that add significant value, with the added benefit of reducing waste being dumped into over-burdened landfills or "out the back door." 

Broken eggshell
Eggshell Powder

Peloton Technologies is all about reducing industrial food production waste that is burdensome and costly to your company. We partner with you, the producers, to provide mutually beneficial solutions that regenerate and reclassify your byproducts into profit centers. We create value where it didn't exist, while making your waste headaches go away!


As a byproducts management company, our technologies are focused, innovative, and efficient and our premium products are grounded in world-class research with an eye toward providing the highest quality bulk ingredients to downstream manufacturers in the rubber and plastics, pharmaceutical, medical, nutritional, cosmetic and health industries.

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