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Rethink Food Waste

Peloton Technologies is a food waste solutions company. We partner with food manufacturing companies with the common goal of optimizing the huge value potential hidden in their product residuals. Our exclusive partnerships with these folks means our customers have access to a secure source of supply. Our next generation products include food and nutrition ingredients and medical and industrial applications, and beyond. Peloton's high standards are reflected in our extensive research and proprietary processing technologies that add significant value to regenerated waste -- all with the added benefit of reducing waste being dumped into over-burdened landfills or "out the back door." 

Eggshell Powder

Peloton Technologies is all about industrial food waste that is burdensome and costly to your company. We partner with you, the food manufacturers, to provide mutually beneficial solutions that reclassify food waste as valuable and regenerate it into profit centers. We create value where it did not exist, while making your waste headaches go away!


We are sharply focused on comprehensive upstream and downstream product integrity. Our waste source partners are reliable and provide plentiful high quality feedstocks. Our finished products are grounded in world-class research with an eye toward producing exceptional upcycled products. Looking for high quality next generation alternatives to your legacy products? Peloton is here!

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